Ivko Metal - Bor

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"Ivko - Metal" is developing like a family company since 2004. Since its establishment, "Ivko - Metal" is in continuous development, which is characterized by expanding product range, metal products, production scale, increasing the number of employees and continuous investment in the expansion of manufacturing facilities and new equipment for improving our products. Our company is one of the smaller companies in the field of mechanical engineering and metal industry, which is equipped and able to carry out all the requirements of customers for our products and services
In this short period the company "Ivko Metal" Bor has grown into one of the best in the region and it is primarily determined by the quality and quantity of mechanical engineering as evidenced by the growing contract jobs. The Company's activity covers all branches of comprehensive engineering and metal products. Production capacities have increased manifold and the number of employees, which is now about 15, is increasing every year. Our company has acquired significant new reference, like: Philip Morris International Serbia, Drillex International (Drilling services company), Brzan Plast-Serbia(Recycling company), RTB Bor Group (copper mining and smelting company located in Serbia), and its subsidies: RBB – Copper Mine Bor, RBM – Copper Mine Majdanpek, TIR – Smelter and Refinery, Municipality of Bor, Municipality of Zajecar, JKP 3.oktobar Bor (company for cleaning and maintaining city streets )and many more..